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QilingUAV_China's tilting photogrammetric unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has been officially lau

QilingUAV_China's tilting photogrammetric unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has been officially launched in the Antarctic

On October 28, two sets of tilting camera systems developed and produced by guangzhou hongpeng helicopter remote sensing technology co., ltd. for China's 32nd Antarctic research mission were officially delivered to ship at the dock of China polar research base in Shanghai.

These two sets of unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) are produced by hongpeng company according to the climate, electromagnetic, topography and other environmental characteristics of the Antarctic in order to cooperate with the heilongjiang bureau of surveying and mapping geographic information to complete the surveying and mapping mission.
Not only realizes the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery temperature resistance, to ensure flight safety, strengthen the body's heat preservation performance, prevent the polar breakthrough of flight control system in low temperature environment adaptability index, improve the machine in the process of long distance ocean shockproof, moistureproof, prevent salt fog, such as performance, also for the smooth image data acquisition tilt in the snow and ice environment prepared various contingency plans, from personnel training, equipment testing, material backup, maintenance tools, etc, a lot of preparation work.

The unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) will set sail for the South Pole in early November along with the xuelong spacecraft. Upon arrival, the uavs will collect oblique aerial image data from China's Great Wall research station on the fildes peninsula in Antarctica, the frei research station in Chile and the bellingskojin research station in Russia.
The obtained images will be produced by the automatic modeling technology equipment owned by the heilongjiang bureau of surveying and mapping geographic information to produce the real 3d real map.

The results of this mission will provide data support for the "3d education and training demonstration system" project of Great Wall station in Antarctica. The immersive simulation and demonstration system will be applied in station area management and planning, team training, popular science education, and reporting demonstration to national leaders and competent authorities.

At the handover ceremony, the drone operator took aerial photos and modeled the dock to mark the occasion.
Wu wenhui, director of the polar center of the bureau of surveying, mapping and geographic information of heilongjiang province, said happily after seeing the flight.
This greatly increased his confidence in the deeper applications of drones for Antarctic research.
He said the uav has the characteristics of simple takeoff and landing, simple control, and is capable of snow dragon in the Antarctic voyage ice detection and other work, to improve the safety of navigation.
In addition, it can also complete the more important task of scientific research, that is, the site selection of China's new Antarctic base by means of aerial survey, and the hope is pinned on the further targeted research and development of new products of hongpeng.

This mission is the first time that China has applied tilt photogrammetry system to polar surveying and mapping, marking a new step in the manufacturing technology and aerial surveying and mapping capability of China's rotorcraft uav.

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