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Cic research: white paper on industrial uav investment

The market potential of industrial uavs will be released continuously with the improvement of regulatory policies, and the professional characteristics and channel service capability determine that the market pattern is unlikely to repeat the situation that consumer uavs dominate.In terms of business strategy, we can "surround cities with rural areas", focus on the three major markets of the United States, Western Europe and east Asia, and focus on the main application lines of the four major industries such as agriculture, construction and physical assets inspection, logistics and transportation, and security.

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation around the world are being accelerated. New technologies and products featuring digitalization, networking and intelligentization are constantly emerging and maintaining the momentum of high-speed development, injecting new vitality into global industrial upgrading.In the 13th five-year plan for the development of strategic emerging industries issued by the state council, it is clearly proposed to promote the industrialization of civil aircraft and vigorously develop helicopters, multi-purpose aircraft, special aircraft and industrial-grade uavs that are in great demand. Looking at the trend of industrial transformation and aiming at the new social needs, this report focuses on the industrial-grade uav that has attracted much attention in the industry, and conducts a comprehensive discussion on such hot issues as policy regulation, market trends and investment dynamics.This report by the institute of China investment corp., and ccid consulting co., LTD. Jointly write, combine their way in the international and domestic, investment and industry experience and advantage, development situation and the industrial chain of industrial-grade unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) on the basis of comprehensive analysis, respectively for the domestic and international market situation and supervision dynamics for multiple perspectives, this paper finally focused investment hot spots and value, to investors, manufacturers, policy makers and users and other related parties to provide decision-making reference.

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