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QilingUAV_UAV aerial mapping: low-altitude...

QilingUAV_UAV aerial mapping: low-altitude high-precision aeromagnetic surveying technology for drones

A few days ago, a client reporter of Volkswagen Daily learned from the Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration Institute of Shandong Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources that for the first time in the province, it systematically carried out low-altitude and high-precision aeromagnetic surveys of unmanned aerial vehicles that take into account the multiple working ratios of “land and sea”. The test of technology application has realized the high-resolution aeromagnetic measurement technology of low-altitude-ultra-low-altitude unmanned helicopter with industrialization promotion value, which is at the forefront of the country.

In February 2019, the institute relied on the "Aeronautical Geodesy Survey Center" established by the scientific research platform of the Aeronautical Geodesy Survey Technology Laboratory of the Shandong Provincial Geological Survey Engineering Technology Center. It has successively undertaken a number of aviation based on production, learning, research and use. Geophysical and aeronautical surveying and mapping projects, especially the completed UAV low-altitude high-precision aeromagnetic surveying technology application demonstration project, provide a set of efficient and feasible high-precision magnetic surveying technology solutions for coastal and shallow sea resources and environmental surveys and engineering construction.

It is understood that this project uses a small unmanned helicopter low-altitude aeronautical magnetic measurement system (equipment), and selected low-altitude high-precision aeronautical magnetic surveys on the land and sea near the western Sanshan Island in Laizhou to further identify the distribution characteristics of the magnetic field in the work area. Provides high-quality geophysical data for basic geological research, offshore engineering construction, and mineral (gold mine) exploration and evaluation, and conducts demonstration research on the application of UAV low-altitude aeromagnetic measurement technology, comparing with high-precision magnetic measurements on the ground and at sea And other methods to establish a low-altitude and high-precision aeromagnetic measurement technology system for UAVs in land and shallow waters. It has successively completed physical workloads such as aerial tilt photography and real-world 3D modeling of 180 square kilometers, high-precision magnetic survey on the ground 100 kilometers, high-precision magnetic survey on the sea 50 kilometers, and high-altitude aerial survey of the drones 1000 kilometers.

Zhao Faqiang, director of the Institute of Aeronautical Geodesy of the Academy, introduced that the overall accuracy of the low-altitude aeromagnetic application demonstration work of small and medium-scale large-scale UAVs implemented in this project is better than ± 1.0 ns, and all technical indicators have reached "high-resolution aerial "Magnetic measurement" requirements; it also confirms that UAV low-altitude high-precision aeromagnetic measurement has higher production efficiency, which is 5-10 times that of the same scale ground magnetic measurement, and it is more safe and economical than traditional manned aircraft aeromagnetic. , Is the development direction of future geophysical and magnetic surveying technology, with huge market promotion potential.

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