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QilingUAV_How strong is the Chinese uav? It will ...

QilingUAV_How strong is the Chinese uav? It will automatically return after missing contact for 30 minutes

Since the application of uav technology in the military field, it has been used as an aerial target aircraft for a long time.

The level of science and technology at that time could not even compare with most civilian drones today, nor could it play a more substantial role in the direction of war.
As the application of intelligent combat platform deepens, the use of uav is also very extensive.
China is the world's largest exporter of drones, dozens of times more than the United States, according to an authoritative data report.

At present, China's uav field is far beyond that of the United States, and China's performance in the international market is outstanding.
Drones are popular in the Middle East, but western countries such as the United States have missed out on the market for policy reasons.
Although American drone technology is also very good, but the United States to control the export of this, is more demanding.
Western countries cannot export drones at will. Western countries have treaty restrictions with the United States on the export of drones, so they dare not export drones at will. Therefore, many countries in the Middle East have turned their eyes to China.
Over the years, the development of uav technology in our country has been really fast, which directly stole the spotlight from the us military.
Of all the drones out there, the pterodactyl drone became the most popular, once directly referred to as the star fighter in the world, and was snapped up.
On top of that, the first pterosaurs were simply pulled away by customers without being tested.
After successfully passing the target test in the user country, it is required to hit the moving target on the spot. However, it was directly hit at that time. Only Chinese pterosaurs can do this, which is beyond the capability of foreign drones.
It was this test that led to a rapid surge in orders for drones in China.
In addition, there is a unique flying dragon reconnaissance and combat integrated uav technology, namely the broken chain to the sea technology.
The first dragon drone received by Saudi Arabia was on a mission when its contact signal was suddenly disconnected from the ground due to pilot failure.
To retrieve the drone, the Saudi air force turned on radar to look for clues, but without success.
Thirty minutes later, everyone was about to start searching for debris when word came from the tower that the pterosaur was on the ground, safe and sound!
As a result of the accident, China experienced the excellent chain breaking and return function of pterosaur uav.
This is a unique skill that the us army didn't have at that time.
This time, Saudi Arabia's confidence in the performance of Chinese drone technology has been boosted by a test.
Immediately after the test, Saudi Arabia placed an additional order with China, and other countries were willing to buy from China.
The pterosaurs, with their ability to fly back from broken links, have completely conquered all countries and received many large international arms sales orders.
No matter how dissatisfied the us is, we have the technology.
Apart from the above two reasons, one of the more attractive aspects of Chinese drones is its price advantage.
While American drones sell for tens of millions of dollars, Chinese drones are cheap, making them available to countries that can't afford them.
Because of this, many countries favor Chinese drones, and they are the first choice in the international market. The popularity rate of Chinese drones will be improved.
It is because of the high quality, low price and excellent performance of Chinese drones that they have won the favor of many tuhao countries.
But China's drone development will never stop.
In the future, Chinese drones will certainly be smarter and more modern.
It is precisely because of the advanced nature of Chinese drones that Chinese drones can retain customers, and the future of Chinese drones will go further to the world.
China's uav can achieve this point, with the United States such as arms sales power to seize the international market, naturally inseparable from the military personnel painstaking efforts.
It is worth mentioning that those scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the military field all have a solid mathematical foundation, because mathematics is the foundation of all disciplines, especially science and engineering.
Only mathematics foundation hits firmly, can go further on the road of scientific research.
This can be seen from the older generation of scientists represented by the two-bullet MEDALS.
When they first developed the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb, without such tools as computers, they could only manually calculate huge and complex data with pen and paper. It was in this difficult environment that they completed this important task in the shortest time, creating a miracle in the eyes of the world.
Can you do this without a solid foundation in mathematics?
Maybe someone will say, times have changed, China already has a computer and other advanced tools, but math isn't just as simple calculation, the physics Nobel Prize winner has said in our country, mathematics is the foundation of all disciplines, only verifies the rigorous logic thinking, to get some ideas into reality, achieve the "scientific".

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