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QilingUAV Washing and Disinfection Robot 75
QilingUAV Washing and Disinfection Robot 75



Scrubber 75, in the series of  QilingUAV scrubber, is a kind of heavy-duty unmanned scrubber integrated with complete autonomous positioning and navigation solutions. The scrubber is jointly developed by the  robot team and the cleaning service provider with its experiences of more than one hundred years. It is well-made and endowed with powerful cleaning functions. It integrates washing, drying, dirt absorption, sterilization, ash reduction and other functions. The ingenious front brush head enables the scrubber to go deep into the areas for cleaning, such as the edges and corners. In addition, the scrubber keeps a safe distance while cleaning against the wall, ensuring that every corner can be cleaned. The patented power-saving technology and lithium battery pack with super-large capacity enable the scrubber to have an ultra-long cleaning endurance of 6 hours and to execute uninterrupted cleaning work. The unique 4-stage dirty recycling and filtration system ensures the consistent cleaning effect to the greatest coverages while recycling water resources.

 QilingUAV Washing And Aisinfection Robot 75

Scrubber 75 is more intelligent than traditional scrubbers. It can create and store the environmental map of the sites to be cleaned and execute planned cleaning tasks autonomously, detect the changes of surrounding environment in real time, and take corresponding actions intelligently during auto-cleaning operation. Scrubber 75 can make the ground cleaning easier in a more intelligent way, thus saving time, labor and water reseurces.

In addition,  also developed convenient and easy-to-use operation APP for QilingUAV series scrubbers according to users' habits. The operation interfaces are simple and easy to use. Different interfaces can be displayed depending on job categories of operators. Operators can move the scrubber, check the basic state of the scrubber and perform specific cleaning tasks, while the management personnel can set up specific cleaning tasks, view the task completion report, check the advanced state of the scrubber, and perform other advanced operations.



It can detect the environment and complete cleaning tasks autonomously in an unattended manner;

It can avoid both static and dynamic obstacles autonomously in real time;

It can check the cleaning productivity, report machine status, feedback and  task details autonomously;

It can go to the water changing and draining places as preset automatically, and go back to the charging place at low battery level.

 QilingUAV Washing And Aisinfection Robot 75


The maximum cleaning efficiency is 3,000 m2/h, which is much higher than the manual cleaning efficiency.

It features long-time consistent working capability and does not need to take a break or pause halfway.


It is designed with the steering wheel and pedal that are similar to manual ride-on equipment and is easy to operate and use.

After a pre-planned cleaning task is started, the cleaning work can be completed autonomously without human supervision, which greatly saves labor costs.

 QilingUAV Washing And Aisinfection Robot 75


4-stage recycling filtration system is able to recycle water resource and save water costs while protecting the environment.


The scrubber is equipped with a variety of sensor devices such as laser, depth camera, ultrasonic and bumper, which can flexibly detect the static and dynamic obstacles and give responses in real time to guarantee the safety of the scrubber, people and facilities to the greatest extent.


Scrubber 75 is mainly used to clean hard floors as in epoxy, marble, terrazzo, tile, etc. Typical application scenarios are as follows:

Parking lots, airports, stations

Shopping malls, supermarkets

Manufacturing faciliteis

Logistics warehouse


 QilingUAV Washing And Aisinfection Robot 75


Structural Parameters





1.370 m


0.962 m


1.417 m

Gross weight of the scrubber

450 kg

Unladen weight

Battery weight

64 kg

Capacity of fresh water tank

75 L

Capacity of recovery tank

50 L

Electric Parameters




Battery type


Battery capacity



4-6 h

Maximum power


Rated voltage

24 V

Rated power of drive motor

400 W

Rated power of brush motor

3 X 150 W

Rotational speed of brush

Up to 270 RPM

Rated power of pumping motor

500 W

Maximum pumping pressure

18.18 kPa

Cleaning Parameters




Cleaning width

750 mm

Cleaning efficiency

Up to 2,500 m2/h

Security system

3D Lidar, 2D Laser, depth camera, ultrasonic sensor, electronic bumper, fender wheel

Travelling speed

0-4 km/h

Other Parameters




Operating temperature

-10 ~ +45


Operating humidity

20% ~ 75% RH

Storage temperature

-40~ +65

Storage humidity

20% ~ 93% RH

Operation noise

55 ~ 70 dBa

Operation slope

≤10 degrees

When the water tank is full of water, the water in the tank may overflow. Therefore, it is not recommended that the scrubber climb a slope at this state.

 QilingUAV Washing And Aisinfection Robot 75

 QilingUAV Washing And Aisinfection Robot 75

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