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Qiling UAV- Industrial MEGA V8III Mapping UAV
1. High efficiency and long flight time . 2. High-precision mapping. 3. Fast and stable.

Qiling UAV- Industrial MEGA V8III Mapping UAV




Aircraft wheelbase


Body material

Japan T800 carbon fiber + German aviation aluminum

Power battery

Li-po smart battery

Flight speed


Life time

55mins(Equipped with tilting five cameras)

Recharge mileage

29km(Equipped with tilting five cameras)

Flight altitude

4384 m

Flying radius

14.4 km

Sand proof


Operating temperature

-40°C to +125°C

Intelligent flight

Imitation flight, pointing flight, pointing task, breakpoint continuous flight, AB point takeoff and landing, one-button take-off and landing, one-button return, route planning, multi-task management

Safety protection

Anti-magnetic interference, redundant protection, low power return, lost return, broken paddle protection

Satellite positioning

Beidou, GPS, GLONASS; RTK Samsung Seven Frequency

Disassembly and assembly method

60 seconds free tool removal

Wind resistance


Maximum load


Positioning accuracy

±2 cm horizontal ±5 cm vertical

Rainproof level

medium rain


1.High efficiency and long flight time (smart and efficient; single-stage tilting five-camera module III (weight: 1.60kg), endurance 55 minutes. 1:500 precision, tilting operation up to 0.66km2 (GSD: 2cm, heading overlap) : 80%, side overlap 80%))

2.High-precision mapping (support PPK / RTK and its fusion operation mode. Can achieve rare control points or no control points 1:500 mapping accuracy under certain conditions.

3.Fast and stable (high quality, high performance, high adaptability; fast operation, quick start, quick dis-assembly and assembly; multi-line safety protection, multiple quality inspection certification; centimeter-level positioning, precise control)

Aerial Survey Software / Mapping & Soft

Surveying and mapping professional control software, guided control interface, advanced flight control algorithm, intelligent generation of the best flight plan, automatic flight, intelligent operation.

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