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Qiling UAV- Industrial Intelligent Patrol Robot DA-M50-B
The application scenarios of petrochemical energy industries are wide.

Qiling UAV-Industrial Intelligent Patrol Robot DA-M50-B

For the application scenarios of petrochemical energy industries such as crude oil storage, chemical plants, refineries, and joint stations, joint development and promotion can support normalized inspections, and intelligent navigate on with independent navigation, positioning, obstacle avoidance and inspection operations.

Crawler Robot Chassis:



Height from the ground: 85mm



Obstacle height200mm

Climb angle20° Ramp or stairs

Navigation system: autonomous navigation / obstacle avoidance

Turn radiusSpin around

Steering radius: in situ rotation

Maximum load: 100kg

Maximum span: 300mm

Life time: 4h

Body material: 304 stainless steel / alloy steel plate / aluminum / polymer material

Communication distance: >5km (low frequency band on the ground, industrial remote control, picture transmission)

Wading depth: 100mm

Protection level: IP64

Multi-sensor fusion: lidar, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar, inertial navigation


The wheeled model has strong passability, low center of gravity, stable operation and high transmission efficiency. It is suitable for equipment movement solutions in special industries, and is suitable for photographic equipment and mobile robots with smooth requirements. The unmanned patrol car can perform tracking of fixed routes, obstacle avoidance, path planning, and execution of specific inspection tasks. In the case of an emergency, it can be scheduled and remotely controlled (such as long-term loss of positioning signals and other emergency situations). The mission platform can be equipped with infrared imaging, smart camera, gas sensor, tweeter and other related equipment to complete monitoring, early warning, security and other work.

Application Scenario:

Based on the UAV flight control system, the cost-effective ground robot control system is developed with strong expand-ability and compatibility. It can provide different types of ground robot control for electric, hydraulic, wheeled, crawler, etc., and the system can It integrates seamlessly with the airborne drone system, integrates the operational status and coordinate information of the ground robot system into the East Cuban air-ground integrated monitoring platform, and is an important landing facility for realizing air-ground integration and joint prevention and control. In the future, the system will be able to implement hardware-level control switching between ground robot systems and airborne drone systems, and support system integration of in-vehicle intelligent navigation systems.

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