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QilingUAV Fire fighting robot DA-M120D
Fire fighting robot is composed of robot body, fire gun, hd camera, lighting, remote control and so on. It is mainly used for fire fighting and shooting in various fields, especially for petrochemical, gas and other flammable and explosive environment, wh

QilingUAV Fire fighting robot DA-M120D

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Technical parameters
Dimensions: 1900*1500*1500mm
Ready weight: 1000kg
Load capacity: 100kg
Walking speed: 2.7m/s
Motor power: 880W*2
Minimum clearance from ground: 150mm
Barrier height: 240mm
Climbing ability: 35° ramp or stair
Roll Angle: 25°
Turning radius: turn in place
Control mode: wireless remote control, semi-autonomous driving or automatic driving
Power form: internal combustion engine, hydraulic pressure
Water cannon range: >100m
Water cannon flow rate: >120L/s
Injection mode: dc, flowering atomization, continuous adjustable
Rotation Angle: horizontal 360°, vertical -20~90° can be set
Wading depth: 500mm
Walking mechanism: all terrain high strength track, inner metal frame
Working hours: >12h
Continuous walking time: >6.5h

Product features
◆ internal combustion engine drive, closed hydraulic system, small size and strong power.
◆ the crawler is made of external high temperature resistant and flame retardant rubber, with an internal metal framework. Even if the external rubber melts at high temperature, the walking and stability of the robot will not be affected.
◆ water supply belt, with waterproof belt knot design.
◆ strong traction, drag four 200m long water filled with water to walk.
◆ remote control fire control gun rotation, pitch, large flow, high range, a variety of injection.
◆ automatic fire cannon strafing, water spray, foam free switch.
◆ hd wireless picture transmission system, to achieve line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight remote real-time video monitoring (above 500m).
◆ with advanced wireless communication technology, it is convenient to carry and can be connected to uav control at the same time.
Strong obstacle climbing ability, able to climb over obstacles at a large Angle.
◆ strong mobility, fast movement speed, adjustable speed, Max. 10km/h or above.
◆ can be equipped with the function of automatic dewatering belt, automatically take off the hose after completing the fire fighting task, and return with light load.
◆ continuous walking time of more than 6 hours.

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